Any time of year, jazz up a barren winter wall or add a splash of summer colours to a wall or fence with unique seasonal décor created from locally sourced salvaged, repurposed materials. Imagine items created from an old porch pillar, clothes hangers, construction remnants, dryer ducting and snapped clothesline!   


Wall products come ready to hang. Paints and adhesives are outdoor grade.


Inquire about custom creations for your walls.  Great gifts for gardeners or cottage owners!




Representational or abstract, my drawings imply a human presence, whether actual or implied. 


Capturing the implied essence of human presence is the basis for the series entitled Conversations with Time.  The full length, frontal “portrait” of an empty chair is arranged as to communicate beyond the confines of the frame – engaging the viewer in “conversation”.  Each is subtitled to imply a moment “after the” event and it, in conjunction with the environment, gives the viewer more information regarding the age, rank, background and social role of the gender portrayed.  The shallow space in which the chair is positioned – only indications of depth are the chair and floor boards – coupled with the opaque white void within the window emphasizes the surface tension inherent in one dimensional supports.  This is further reinforced with the exposure of the papers edges, a conscious framing decision with a majority of my artwork.


In my most recent series – Abstracts – I have been able to experiment more with the charcoal, incorporating it with other media and introducing colour.  The drawn line is rawer; the sequence of the drawing progress from blank paper to completed drawing is more transparent.  Visible are my many marking making gestures – raw lines of media and eraser, interspersed with sections of smudging/smearing with the hand – all sweeping over the taped off linear shapes.  Once the tape is removed to reveal the paper support, this internal frame (line/shape) frees a section of the drawing from the chaos surrounding it, even though it is a derivative of the drawing process.  The paper support becomes just as important as the media layered on its surface as it becomes integral in the dialogue of interior/exterior, foreground/background and the push/pull of individual layers.


Landscapes – interpreting memories captured of artist’s presence, during recent travels & past family vacations.


One of my original series - the Figurative - purposely cropped to become a figurative landscape of a challenging subject – not about who it is.

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